Alternatives to Local Primary Schools

It is not a secret that primary schools in the public school system in the UK suffer from underfunding, overfilled classes and poorly qualified teachers.

Because of the notorious underfunding in our public school system, it is also quite common that sports facilities in public schools are in poor shape.

For those families where sports and fitness for the children play an important role, this can be a massive disadvantage.

Have you considered a private school in the United Kingdom as an alternative for your children?

Increasingly more families in the UK are looking into the nation’s private education system as an alternative to public schools. Despite the costs for private education in the UK, increasingly more families think that the benefits of private schools outweigh the expenses.

What advantages can private schools have over public schools?

  • Better qualified and more motivated teachers
  • Smaller classes with less pupils
  • Modern sporting facilities
  • Better funding for all types of events including sports
  • Better supervision of pupils
  • Better chances on the job market

You can find a list of private and independent schools in the UK at

There can find all types of private education institutions depending on your location. At local primary school you can find further information in regards to the advantages of private schools in the UK.